• B&I Attorneys Tackle Local Tax Issues In State Tax Notes Article

    Managing partner Martin I. Eisenstein and attorney Jamie Szal, who recently joined Brann & Isaacson after practicing state and local tax law in Massachusetts, have written a news article for State Tax Notes on “The L in SALT: Limits on Local Jurisdiction to Tax,” which discusses the constitutional analysis applicable to taxes imposed by local home rule jurisidictions, as f ...

    Brann & Isaacson- 11 readers -
  • Supreme Court’s Federal Circuit Reversal Streak Continues

    The 2016 Term of the Supreme Court has not been kind to the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals, the specialized appellate court that handles all patent appeals. In each of the six patent cases from the Federal Circuit decided by the Supreme Court, reversal was the result. Specifically, the high court: Reversed the Federal Circuit on the proper way to calculate damages in cas ...

    David Swetnam Burland/ Brann & Isaacson- 15 readers -
  • A Case of First Impression

    It will hardly come as a surprise to frequent readers of this blog that the U.S. Supreme Court has (once more) jettisoned a legal principle fashioned by the Federal Circuit, nor that the opinion was largely without dissent (Justice Ginsburg did dissent in part). The case, Impression Products v. Lexmark International, concluded that a patentee’s decision to sell a product exha ...

    Stacy Stitham/ Brann & Isaacson- 13 readers -
  • Supreme Court Sharply Limits Patent Forum–Shopping In TC Heartland

    Today, May 22, 2017, the Supreme Court struck a powerful blow against forum–shopping in patent litigation and the related patent troll plague. In a concise opinion by Justice Thomas in TC Heartland v. Kraft Foods Group Brands, a unanimous Supreme Court held that a domestic corporation “resides” only in its State of incorporation for purpose of determining where a patent lawsui ...

    David Swetnam Burland/ Brann & Isaacson- 14 readers -
  • Brann & Isaacson A Leading Support Of Campaign For Justice

    Brann & Isaacson is proud to be a strong supporter of the Campaign for Justice in Maine. Though not one of the larger Maine law firms, B&I punched above its weight, giving the sixth–highest, per–lawyer average award in the State. The Campaign for Justice assists adults and children in the state who cannot obtain access to justice in civil legal matters by raising suppo ...

    Brann & Isaacson- 8 readers -
  • Attorney Peter Lowe Presents on Workplace Issues

    On April 13th, Peter Lowe presented to the Lewiston-Auburn Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce on “Workplace Safety following the Legalization of Marijuana.” On the same day, Peter was a panelist at the Associated Builders and ...

    Brann & Isaacson- 8 readers -
  • Tennessee Chancery Court Enjoins Enforcement of New Sales Tax Collection Rule

    In response to a petition filed by George Isaacson and Matthew Schaefer on behalf of the American Catalog Mailers Association and NetChoice, the Tennessee Chancery Court has suspended enforcement of a Tennessee Department of Revenue rule that would have required out–of–state retailers without a physical presence in Tennessee to collect and remit Tennessee sales tax.

    Brann & Isaacson- 7 readers -
  • TC Heartland: A View from the (Supreme) Courtroom

    Having led the team that filed an amicus curiae brief for 48 Internet companies, retailers, and associations in support of TC Heartland, Peter Brann attended the oral argument in TC Heartland v. Kraft at the Supreme Court yesterday. Though not a disinterested observer, he offers these thoughts on what he saw: Although the venue question presented by this case is one that ever ...

    David Swetnam Burland/ Brann & Isaacson- 13 readers -
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